The Danish Ministry of Taxation has lately undergone major changes with the organisation split into 10 highly specialised government agencies whose intranet requires a balance of organisational presence with values, tools, policies, and news targeted the employees.

No clear strategy

The existing intranet was a combination of many different information hubs without a clear strategy, communication concept, information architecture (IA), design and user experience, and governance structure.

As a part of the digital transformation project PlenumX facilitated the essential strategy and concept process where a clear strategy, communication concept, IA, user experience, design, and governance structure all were created.


Danish Ministry of Taxation - Skatteministeriet

Spring 2018 -

Corporate Digital Workspace and Intranet implemented in Office 365, SharePoint, and Modern Pages.

Jesper Kramer Borggaard

Unified entrance to Office 365

The Ministry of Taxation needed an underlying platform that would allow secure and robust access to relevant information and collaboration functionality from anywhere at any time. Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration platform Office 365 was the obvious choice, providing access to products including SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, Delve, OneDrive for Business and more.

By using the same paradigms for User Experience as in the rest of Office 365 we have achieved a steep learning curve and minimised users spending time learning two different UI functionality. One on the intranet and one in Office 365.

The Danish Treasury’s Digital Workspace includes 10 agencies

  • Skatteministeriets Departement
  • Skattestyrelsen
  • Toldstyrelsen
  • Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen
  • Vurderingsstyrelsen
  • Gældsstyrelsen
  • Administrations- og Servicestyrelsen
  • Motorstyrelsen
  • Skatteankestyrelsen
  • Spillemyndigheden

“In my opinion the new Group Intranet is a HIT !
Nothing less.”

Charlotte Skovgaard, special consultant
Gældsstyrelsen (Dept Agency)

Brings Office 365 to life

To accommodate the need for collaboration and a better user experience within Office 365 we developed a unified Digital Workspace on top of Office 365 based on standard SharePoint Modern Pages. The unified workspace embraces and integrate the myriad of products in Office 365 into a single, intuitive solution where the need for corporate communication is combined with a presentation of personalised tools.

The Danish Ministry of Taxation’s intranet brings Office 365 to life and move away from the old perception of an intranet as a ‘corporate newspaper’.

Helping employees to be productive

Personalized content on the Digital Workspace was pivotal to enabling the goal of having intranet targeted the different agencies and highly specialised employees combined with corporate tools and content. Therefore each piece of content can be quickly and intuitively categorized by agency, location, department, and profession through the use of tagging and metadata maintained as SharePoint Terms, thus ensuring that only the most meaningful content is surfaced to each user.

The Digital Workspace of each agency is a great example of this, featuring a series of Smart Feeds that surfaces News, Legal instruction, Tools, Updates, and Social Feeds, with every piece of content targeted the individual.

This focus on relevant content is helping employees to save time, be more productive, and ensuring they are only provided with information that supports what they are hired to do.

Overwhelming feedback from users

“In my opinion the Group Intranet is a HIT!

In phase 2 where we convert our SharePoint and the integration of communications and project workplaces is a reality, I can’t imaging me taking my arms down (…).”

Says Charlotte Skovgaard editor in charge of the Gældsstyrelsens (Dept Agency) part of the Digital Workspace.


Agencies placed across Denmark


Total of 8.000+ local users


Content Managers maintaining content


Speeding up on-boarding

With the personalisation functionality we introduced the concept of targeting information on each ribbon. This functionality can as an example be used to target newly hired employees, with a ‘Welcome - Web Part Ribbon’ that provided relevant information, policies, tools etc.

The personalised welcome functionality will radically improve on-boarding of new employees and reduce the need of peer-to-peer training as well as reducing cost in the on-bording process.

“The left side tool bar is the most elegant implementation to minimize use of the default Office 365 wafle-menu.”

Senior Premier Field Engineer
SharePoint / Office 365 at Microsoft

Unique tool bar

The Digital Workspace is built around PlenumX’s unique concept of a left-hand- tool bar, that builds on heavily user research and standard functions in Office 365 and Microsoft Graph integrated with Microsoft Delve. In the tool bar personalised information are presented to the user in different tabs. E.g. on the ‘Team’-tab the user can re-find followed Teams Sites, relevant tools and guidelines, latest documents from OneDrive etc.

With the use of Office Graph we provide users with relevant news, tools, peers, and other information before they even knew they needed it.


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